Make it Mutual


Let’s #MakeItMutual

When LIFE GOALS connect with Sun Life, that’s when we #MakeItMutual. In this series, join Matteo Guidicelli as he shares tips on growing your money to turn your dreams into reality.


Our priorities change as we go through life. With Sun Life’s unique approach to financial planning. We can show you how to have money for every life stage. Are you prepared to have Money for Life?

  • Introduction

    What’s the status of your #lifegoals? If you ask Matteo, he’ll proudly say: “We’re in a MUTUAL UNDERSTANDING.

  • What are Mutual Funds?

    Pooled funds? Sounds fun!

  • Types of Mutual Funds + Diversification

    Conservative. Moderate. Aggressive. Sometimes you gotta mix it up.

  • Inflation + Deposits vs Investments

    When your money’s worth diminishes, what can you do?.

  • Investing Regularly

    Like pumping for muscles, you can flex your finances to hit your #lifegoals.

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