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The Twin Surprise

It is true when they say that having twins means everything comes in pairs: double the cheers, double the bills. So amid financial challenges, my family discovered three simple life hacks that made a huge difference in our budget.

A financial lesson courtesy of One Direction

The whole thing made me wonder how I would handle the situation as a parent. My son Sloan is only three years old, but given how he enjoys music (including, yes, One Direction songs), I imagine that he would also ask me to buy him concert tickets in the future. And I cannot imagine myself saying no outright.

Why I Think I’m Rich Even Though I’m Not

The thing is, I’m not rich – at least not in the way that they think I’m rich. If you look into my bank account, you’ll quickly realize that I’m not rich at all. There’s not much in there. Here’s the thing though: I do think I’m rich. There are days when I feel like Bill Frikkin’ Gates.

The Smartest Things I Ever Did With Money

Like most people on the planet, I’m not smart with money. I like to spend it. And the more money I spend, the more I like it, which isn’t always good. I’ve also loaned money to the wrong people, made dumb investments, and generally made money go up in smoke through no one’s fault but

Break The Cycle

Filipinos who love watching telenovelas are surely familiar with the following lines, which parents usually say to their child: “Anak, ikaw na lang ang pag-asa namin para sa magandang buhay.” “Mag-aral ka ng mabuti anak, para mai-ahon mo kami sa kahirapan.” “Ngayong may trabaho ka na, pwede ka nang tumulong sa mga gastusin dito sa

How to save up on kids’ Halloween costumes

Halloween has become quite a highly anticipated event in the country. In the case of parents, it’s usually all about dressing up their kids in a fun costume when they go trick-or-treating for candies and chocolates. Not too keen on spending so much for a costume? There are four resources you can tap to find

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