How an Employee Can Prepare for Retirement

We have a lot of “ordinary employees” in this world who value the importance of hard work, wakes up very early in the morning and eventually earning a decent salary to ensure that they’re able to address basic needs in life – such as food, clothing and shelter. These are people who appreciate the value

Inexpensive ways to a healthy you

Thinking of shaping up but can’t afford to pay for gym memberships and fitness classes? Being fit and healthy minus digging a hole into your pocket is possible.  After all, sitting is the new smoking, according to a Medical Daily study conducted by Travis Saunders, Ph. D of Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. What’s wrong with

How to secure your parents’ future

Filipinos are naturally caring – especially for the elders. It must be the close family ties that we Filipinos have in our culture but caring for our parents seems to be an almost inevitable task. Of course, we may never know what lies ahead, but it’s best to take advantage of time and prepare for

The Sandwich Generation

What does it mean to be in the Sandwich Generation? Simply put it means you’re right smack in the middle of two generations, your children and your parents. Being in the middle of these two generations can make you feel warm, secure and fuzzy because you have two groups of people to love and who

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