Brighter Reads – January 10

Foresight and determination are the pillars we stand on every new year. With 2014 in full swing, here are some Brighter Reads – from apps to help you keep track of your resolutions to a glimpse of what will be hot and trending – to help set your sails to more prosperous seas! Read on!

What to do with Christmas leftovers

Christmas greetings have been said and presents have been opened, but your fridge still has that Christmas vibe because of the many leftovers from your Noche Buena feast. You spent a considerable amount for all these goodies, so you better make sure that none of it will go to waste. If you over-estimated for your

Bright Lites: The Origins of Insurance

As part of our mission to provide enlightening thoughts on financial literacy, the Brighter Life team came up with Bright Lites, a column on bits of information and trivia under the sun. For the first edition of Bright Lites, we tackle the history of the modern concept of insurance.

How to deal with stress

Three years ago, I was the chill-est, most zen person I knew. I was not fazed by deadlines and by firefighting, what with cracks that fall through out of nowhere, personal or otherwise. In a typical day, I have been known to throw witty one-liners {rather mundane, really} to break tensions. If you see me

How to Spend on Sports

Spending for your beloved sport and buying equipment is not so bad. After all, you will need these items to play and help elevate your game, especially if you’re really passionate about it.

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