Post Wedding Realizations

Getting married plunged my into debt and we had no one to blame but ourselves. But to be perfectly honest, I deserve 99% of the blame while he should have known better than to listen to me.

How I Taught My Kids to Invest

When I graduated from university, I checked my balance and sadly realized that the value of what was in my passbook was pitifully small, as inflation had escalated the prices of goods much faster than my money had grown.

How an Employee Can Prepare for Retirement

We have a lot of “ordinary employees” in this world who value the importance of hard work, wakes up very early in the morning and eventually earning a decent salary to ensure that they’re able to address basic needs in life – such as food, clothing and shelter. These are people who appreciate the value

The Oxygen Mask

In 2010, due to a family emergency, my wife and I wiped out our bank accounts. It was difficult, but we had to do it. We had nothing. In 2011, when my wife was pregnant with our second son, I quit a job that paid quite handsomely to write a book that I had been

Which is more expensive? Being Single or Married?

Inspired by an insightful article by Learnvest, I got to thinking as to how the financial lives, both single and married, are in the Philippines, the article being based in the US. Whereas in the US, tax exemptions mean much, the factors contributing to one’s financial wellness in the Philippines goes beyond one’s civil status.

Confessions of an OFW’s daughter

An OFW’s family’s life is like a peso bonanza when Papa’s remittance would be deposited in Mama’s passbook account. In the span of three months, we changed our old CRT TV into a state of the art LCD TV, my brother and I bought a van for the family and our family each had new mobile phones.

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