A Tip on Cleaning and a Lesson on Sharing

Whenever I see my son being generous to other kids with his food or toys, or confidently expressing himself, I like to think that our efforts are paying off: we’ve taught him about sharing, without making him feel deprived, and that his opinion is valued.

4 Ways to Make Your DIY-decorating a Success

Going the DIY route is especially useful whenever my son’s birthday rolls around. This has really helped make the event memorable and special in its own simple way, even if we don’t throw huge parties. It has also been helpful with keeping my budget in check!

On Mindfulness

When I realized what was probably one of the most important skills in money, and in life, was being mindful, I began to be more careful of where my time, focus and resources went.

3 Ways to “I DO” Without Going into Debt

You only get married once in your lifetime, but you certainly do not want to burn a hole in your pocket just to exchange “I do’s”. Good news is, you don’t have to! Just like a business, a wedding should be taken from an income and expenditure mindset. How do you maximize your revenues while minimizing costs? Read to know more.

Stuff I Learned from my Rich Dad

He taught me that money is great to have, but not for the reasons most people think. It’s nice to buy stuff, sure. But it’s great to have when you’re sick, or when someone you love needs help. You see, the love and admiration he gets from his family —– that’s where my dad is richest. Hopefully, some of his money smarts rubbed off on me.

The 16-M Secret of Starting Over Again

Beyond the box-office success of Starting Over Again is an insightful lesson in finances. Remember the sequence where Marco (Piolo Pascual) was talking to his fiancee, Patty (Iza Calzado), then a computation of his investment – which he used to open his dream restaurant – flashed on the screen? Is it something close to reality or is it just a case of movie magic? Here’s the deal.

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