The Big 4-0

Had I done enough in the past 40 years? Was I prepared for the next 40? Was I happy? Was my family in good hands? Were my best years ahead of me or behind me?

On Reinvention

As I marked my 15 years in show business , I realized what has kept me afloat throughout the many ups and downs of life under the limelight. Aside from faith, I consider my craft as my true north as well as sanctuary. It allows me to inhabit different lives, to express creativity, and, at

Top 10 Mistakes of Retirees

When you’re young, you have a lot of time but little money. In your working years, you have money but little time. Such conundrum is the reason why retirement is something that a lot of people are really looking forward to because it enables us to finally enjoy both our time and our money all

Project Declutter: Home Edition

A clean slate, a fresh start. It’s one of those things we always anticipate everytime we welcome a new year. But a fresh start should also manifest in the place where you live, for how can you look forward to a new beginning, when you have all the clutter from your past blocking your view?

Brighter Reads – January 10

Foresight and determination are the pillars we stand on every new year. With 2014 in full swing, here are some Brighter Reads – from apps to help you keep track of your resolutions to a glimpse of what will be hot and trending – to help set your sails to more prosperous seas! Read on!

Tips for Brighter Travels (Part 2)

So are you ready to go places this 2014? Make your travels more convenient and inspiring by doing some preparation way before you board that plane – believe me, some of these literally saved my sanity! For more practical notes while in wanderlust, you can revisit Tips for Brighter Travels (part 1). And yes, what

Bright Lites: The Origins of Insurance

As part of our mission to provide enlightening thoughts on financial literacy, the Brighter Life team came up with Bright Lites, a column on bits of information and trivia under the sun. For the first edition of Bright Lites, we tackle the history of the modern concept of insurance.

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