The Go 120 Money Challenge: Paul

“As for my financial goal for the year-end, I think I am getting progress in finalizing things. And oh, I still need help with my Excel (spreadsheet?) skills to begin that numbers thing to see where my money goes on a monthly basis.” Follow Paul’s game plan for the Go 120 Money Challenge here.

The Go 120 Money Challenge: Nina

“The change in habits, I would say, is the good news – a simple act that could pay off big time if done consistently. And hopefully I’d be able to keep it up, so there’d be more good news in the months to come.” Nina says it’s the little things that count when it comes to budgeting. Find out her journey here.

Go 120 Money Challenge

From a late holiday windfall to dealing with a spoiled sibling, find out the adventures of Nina, Tiffany, and Paul in their quest to save P120,000 by year-end. May the odds ever be in their favor!

A Season of Great Joy

Christmas will be magical than ever as we continue our custom of entertaining a house-full of people with music and good food. The lights would still twinkle and decorations shine even brighter.

Are you Leaving a Legacy?

Passion is at the heart of your journey. Gone are the days when retirement is sitting in an old rocking chair and just watch the passing of the tides. Now, you pursue the sunset of your life building new dreams, devoting more time to loved ones, and striving to make a difference.

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