Why I Think I’m Rich Even Though I’m Not

The thing is, I’m not rich – at least not in the way that they think I’m rich. If you look into my bank account, you’ll quickly realize that I’m not rich at all. There’s not much in there. Here’s the thing though: I do think I’m rich. There are days when I feel like Bill Frikkin’ Gates.

When Is Enough Enough?

Last year, at the age of 39, I started thinking about retirement. I always thought I’d  work forever — my day job has been my passion project more often than it has been agonizing soul-sucking drudgery — but approaching the big 4-0 makes you think. Maybe one day, I’ll want to stop working. Maybe one day,

5 tips on how to trade and invest in 2014

There’s a sense of uncertainty among newbie investors who have just entered the market either through equity funds or direct stock investing. This may be due to how the situation was in 2013, where the first five months were filled with an amazing uptrend, but was followed by a jaw-dropping downtrend. From a point of

On Reinvention

As I marked my 15 years in show business , I realized what has kept me afloat throughout the many ups and downs of life under the limelight. Aside from faith, I consider my craft as my true north as well as sanctuary. It allows me to inhabit different lives, to express creativity, and, at

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