What is your Life Stage?

Everyone’s journey towards financial independence is unique. No matter where you may be in life, securing your own and your loved ones’ future gives you the freedom to follow your dreams. Know your life stage here to guide you on how to best plan for your future.

A financial lesson courtesy of One Direction

The whole thing made me wonder how I would handle the situation as a parent. My son Sloan is only three years old, but given how he enjoys music (including, yes, One Direction songs), I imagine that he would also ask me to buy him concert tickets in the future. And I cannot imagine myself saying no outright.

Let’s do a Financial Check-Up!

As the halfway mark of 2014 approaches, the Brighter Life team would like to help you out through a Financial Check-Up! Whether you are cultivating healthy money habits or losing sight of your financial goals, this is the perfect time to review your progress and areas of improvement. Click to start!

Are you Getting Started?

In financial planning, the first step is knowing where you stand. We’ve listed four life stages as guide for you to identify your current status. Starting today, we’ll be launching a series of posts to help you determine what life stage you are in. For our first roll, we shed light on the GETTING STARTED life stage.

Why Thinking Like a Fresh Grad Helps

Back then, I was not making as much as I am earning now, and yet, I was never really short on cash. I could pay the bills, treat myself once in a while, and survive okay until the next payday. Now, there are more bills to pay and other necessary stuff to spend on, that budgeting can be such a challenge.

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