Is selfie = selfish?

Time was when mobile phones looked like ice scrapers, whose purpose is limited to texting and calling. Fast forward to now, the line separating a phone, camera, computer, has blurred. This phenomenon, in turn, gave rise to a new fad, colloquially called “selfie.”

A Picture Perfect Now

During a talk with a friend in her late 30s, we touched on the topic about how most people born before 1985 hate the idea of taking photos of their food, their trips to the dentist, their every single move, while those born in 1985 and onwards are caught in this tangled realm of social media. 

Choose the Brighter Life

Sun Life is committed to help Filipinos make the bright choices for a brighter future. Welcome to the age of selfies and overindulgence. Headlining the Brighter Life are two TV Commercials that reflect today’s prevalent attitudes. A mom reins her penchant to spoil her only daughter with too much toys in exchange for a more

Budget Habits of Backpackers

Let’s face it: not everyone is cut out to be a backpacker. From the strain of lugging a 50-L pack to economizing on one’s clothes, living out of a bag takes courage and determination. Being a backpacker is not about getting the cheapest deals. It is creating an experience that caters to specific interests, resulting

How video games taught me to manage money

I know what you’re thinking. What about money can you learn about video games? Quite a lot. It’s an expensive hobby and I’ve had my fair share of compulsive spending when I felt the urge to play virtual skirmish with friends or be the first to finish the latest first-person shooter franchise. Video games are

Confessions of an OFW’s daughter

An OFW’s family’s life is like a peso bonanza when Papa’s remittance would be deposited in Mama’s passbook account. In the span of three months, we changed our old CRT TV into a state of the art LCD TV, my brother and I bought a van for the family and our family each had new mobile phones.

How did you do during the first half of 2013?

As we near the end of the first month of the second half of 2013, have you figured out if you’ve done better than you 2012 self, money-wise? “Failing to plan is as good as planning to fail”. Indeed, it’s a cliché for something — going out into the world without a clear set of

The Great Debt Debate: Is Debt GOOD or BAD?

There has always been a great debate on debt and there’s even a popular view on what makes good debts and bad debts. Personally, I don’t think of debt as good vs. bad. Rather, I look at it as BAD vs WORSE. Today’s society has accepted the fact that debt is part of our lives

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