Smart Girl Moves: Tips for a hassle free life

My age has made me realize that there are certain stuff that one cannot escape. Admittedly, I think I’ve been spoiled by my parents who have helped me facilitate most of my “adult” tasks such as buying my first stock, helping me read through stacks of prospectuses when I ventured into mutual funds and eventually

How an Employee Can Prepare for Retirement

We have a lot of “ordinary employees” in this world who value the importance of hard work, wakes up very early in the morning and eventually earning a decent salary to ensure that they’re able to address basic needs in life – such as food, clothing and shelter. These are people who appreciate the value

Piolo’s Guide to the Brighter Life

Since his iconic ‘Run’ TVC where a near-hit epitomized the confidence of having life insurance, leading man and coming-of-age producer Piolo Pascual has never stopped the pursuit of his dreams. In this quick catch-up, find out how far he has gone and know more about his new inspiration of living the Brighter Life. Q: It

The Cost of Having Too Much Stuff

They say too much of something is bad. But not many of us realize that having a lot of stuff – especially ones we rarely use – is actually costly. And the real danger lies in turning a blind eye to this very expensive reality. Because, really, having too many things lying around is eating

Which is more expensive? Being Single or Married?

Inspired by an insightful article by Learnvest, I got to thinking as to how the financial lives, both single and married, are in the Philippines, the article being based in the US. Whereas in the US, tax exemptions mean much, the factors contributing to one’s financial wellness in the Philippines goes beyond one’s civil status.

Is selfie = selfish?

Time was when mobile phones looked like ice scrapers, whose purpose is limited to texting and calling. Fast forward to now, the line separating a phone, camera, computer, has blurred. This phenomenon, in turn, gave rise to a new fad, colloquially called “selfie.”

A Picture Perfect Now

During a talk with a friend in her late 30s, we touched on the topic about how most people born before 1985 hate the idea of taking photos of their food, their trips to the dentist, their every single move, while those born in 1985 and onwards are caught in this tangled realm of social media. 

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