Click and Go to SanFo online promo

Experience the brighter life and get a chance to win a FREE trip to San Francisco, California! Here’s how: Step 1: Go to brighterlife.com.ph Step 2: Sign up for daily email updates on the SUBSCRIBE PAGE Step 3: Use the Dream Calculator and register to get additional raffle entry That’s it and you’re on your

What to do with windfalls

Since buying a senseless (albeit gorgeous!) purchase has been eliminated from my options on what to spend my money on, I am now left with a conundrum to solve: what should I do with my windfall?

Demystifying the Credit Card

Before you cut off your cards, know that credit cards ARE amazing – when used properly. Credit cards allow us to buy things without having to bring cash around, and earn rewards, too. Credit cards allow us to buy things abroad without having to have our money exchanged. But mismanagement of credit cards and having the wrong perceptions about it can lead us to a mountain of debt.

5 Ways to Detox your Budget

Eek, it’s Payday Friday! Major roads turned to parking lots! Malls brimming to capacity! And oh no, your ATM is now one big dark empty hole! If this sounds like the story of your life every time your hard-earned sweldo comes in, then perhaps it’s time to detox your spending habits. Detox is a form

Smart Girl Moves: Tips for a hassle free life

My age has made me realize that there are certain stuff that one cannot escape. Admittedly, I think I’ve been spoiled by my parents who have helped me facilitate most of my “adult” tasks such as buying my first stock, helping me read through stacks of prospectuses when I ventured into mutual funds and eventually

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