Throwback Thursdays: How to Save during the 90s

I was rummaging through my closet when I came across an old piggy bank. This white, breakable piggy bank with a rubber hole on its belly where coins can be inserted was my strategy for saving, way before I came to know about personal finance apps or even had my very first passbook. I found

WATCH: Brighter Ideas Ep.03 – “Credit Card and Debt”

How do you keep your credit card in check? Ginger Conejero explains why it’s important to think before you swipe on Brighter Ideas Episode 3. Watch the video below: Need more information on how to manage credit card and debt? Try reading these related articles: Demystifying the Credit Card The Great Debt Debate: is Debt

How to save up on kids’ Halloween costumes

Halloween has become quite a highly anticipated event in the country. In the case of parents, it’s usually all about dressing up their kids in a fun costume when they go trick-or-treating for candies and chocolates. Not too keen on spending so much for a costume? There are four resources you can tap to find

Bright Lites: The Origins of Insurance

As part of our mission to provide enlightening thoughts on financial literacy, the Brighter Life team came up with Bright Lites, a column on bits of information and trivia under the sun. For the first edition of Bright Lites, we tackle the history of the modern concept of insurance.

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