Brighter Reads – January 10

Foresight and determination are the pillars we stand on every new year. With 2014 in full swing, here are some Brighter Reads – from apps to help you keep track of your resolutions to a glimpse of what will be hot and trending – to help set your sails to more prosperous seas! Read on!

Tips for Brighter Travels (Part 2)

So are you ready to go places this 2014? Make your travels more convenient and inspiring by doing some preparation way before you board that plane – believe me, some of these literally saved my sanity! For more practical notes while in wanderlust, you can revisit Tips for Brighter Travels (part 1). And yes, what

How to handle being broke

Answer the following as honestly as you can. It shouldn’t be so hard, assuming that you’re reading this on your own personal gadget (unless, of course, somebody takes a peep from behind!) 1. Do you eagerly anticipate payday and silently cuss when the ATM displays an ‘out of order’ sign just as you’re about to

What a Brighter Life Means to Me

Somebody once asked me what a brighter life meant to me. As a person closely connected to the brand it is associated with, I had to take a moment to get out of the box and to gain a better perspective of my life — and whether it was burning brightly and according to how

Christmas Party Alternatives on a Budget

By now you might be planning for your Christmas parties. Whether you’re in a tight budget or just simply want to have a simple yet fun Christmas party this year,  consider these low-key activities that may help you celebrate the holiday season joyously with family, friends and co-workers: 1. Game Night Before smartphone apps became the

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