On Yuppies and Money

A young man once asked me how he could convince other yuppies to save and invest. I am always encouraged when young people ask me questions on personal finance, read my books or, better yet, attend our personal finance events. I can’t help but think in retrospect of how I was in my youthful years.

Everything Started with a P5,000 Investment

This year, I am turning 30. More than kicking things off the bucket list or any dirty thirty laundry basket, I see this new decade as a life shift. How prepared am I money-wise? I honestly don’t know for the future is not cast in stone. What I do know is that I’ve managed to reshape my relationship with money. And everything started with the decision to invest P5,000.

Things I Learned from Watching Shark Tank

TV is always a great way to spend time, if you choose what you watch. If you might as well spend time, make sure it’s worth your time. Brighter Lifer Tara Cabullo shares the valuable lessons she learned from TV series Shark Tank. Perhaps the show can inspire you to finally invest on those brighter dreams.

The Twin Surprise

It is true when they say that having twins means everything comes in pairs: double the cheers, double the bills. So amid financial challenges, my family discovered three simple life hacks that made a huge difference in our budget.

The Go 120 Money Challenge: Paul

“As for my financial goal for the year-end, I think I am getting progress in finalizing things. And oh, I still need help with my Excel (spreadsheet?) skills to begin that numbers thing to see where my money goes on a monthly basis.” Follow Paul’s game plan for the Go 120 Money Challenge here.

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