Leaving a Legacy

#SINAG Year 4

By Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph


Back for its third year,  the #SINAG Financial Literacy Digital Journalism Awards celebrates bloggers and digital influencers who are helping and inspiring Filipinos to be financially responsible towards a brighter future.


  • To enjoin digital influencers in encouraging every Filipino to become more financially prepared and break free from the bondages of ignorance, worry, debt and financial dependency.
  • To enable digital influencers and bloggers to be a catalyst of change that can bring about a future-ready Philippines
  • To empower digital media to propagate Sun Life’s financial literacy advocacy


  1. The contest is open to Filipino online journalists and bloggers nationwide.
  2. Nominees must possess social responsibility and personal integrity, and must be recognized for his or her highly professional character.
  3. To qualify, a nominee must have written at least three (3) articles that address any of the following objectives:
    • promote the importance of financial literacy
    • educate the readers on the different financial products and services
    • share stories that readers may draw inspiration from as they embark on their own financial journey
  4. Articles should be original, may be in English, Filipino, or in the local dialect, and published within 01 December 2016 to 30 October 2017.
  5. Each nominee may submit a maximum of five (5) articles.
  6. Entries must consist of the following:
    • Accomplished registration form (Download here)
    • Links to entries
  7. Entries will be reviewed and screened by a panel of judges composed of prominent personalities. Judging will be based on the following criteria:
    • Relevance to the theme of financial literacy – 50%
    • Overall impact (must be accurate; informative, educational and compelling) – 50%
  8. Prizes will be as follows:
    • Grand winner: P30,000 in cash, P5,000 worth of Sun Life Prosperity Card, Trophy
    • 1st runner up: P20,000 in cash, P5,000 worth of Sun Life Prosperity Card, Trophy
    • 2nd runner up: P10,000 in cash, P5,000 worth of Sun Life Prosperity Card, Trophy
  9. Deadline of submission of entries is on 10 November 2017 (Friday). You may submit your entry to the Brighter Life Editorial team via editor@brighterlife.com.ph.

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