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How One Decision Saved My Life

By Diane Tayag, Brighterlife.com.ph

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blthumb_decisionA decent short hair wig only costs Php1,000. My colleagues wouldn’t have noticed I was wearing one if I didn’t show the pin that’s holding it in place. At 34 years old, I never imagined I would suffer from a serious illness. I’m very young, I neither smoke nor do I drink. I maintain a healthy diet.

Two months ago, I felt a mild pain in my abdomen that I thought could just be a urinary tract infection. After undergoing a series of tests, I was diagnosed with stage 1C cancer of the ovary. It only took a week to max out my HMO coverage and I had to pay Php60,000 in cash to completely settle the first bill.

It was then I called my financial advisor from Sun Life and asked if I can claim from my insurance policy. An hour after she reviewed my medical documents, I got an advise to complete all the requirements as I am eligible to claim three benefits: critical illness, female critical condition, and hospital income benefit.

My doctor took two weeks to sign the physician statement but Sun Life processed all three checks in just three days. My advisor came all the way from Manila to where I work in Pampanga and personally delivered the checks. I felt an indescribable relief upon seeing the amount because it will definitely be enough to cover the medical costs including post treatment expenses.

All it took was one decision to save my life. If my financial advisor hadn’t insisted that I sign up for an insurance policy back in 2011, I would have withdrawn all my savings that took seven years to complete. Still, that’s not enough. I will have to file for PCSO medical assistance which is not guaranteed to cover all my chemotherapy sessions. Based on stories of friends, it isn’t the most convenient way of getting funds either. My next option would be to “borrow” money from my parents, they won’t expect that I pay them back right away but it doesn’t sit well with me knowing I would deplete their retirement fund. Asking help from friends is out of the question as I don’t want to tarnish my relationship with them. While I know I will never run away from obligations, there’s no guarantee as to when I can fully pay my loans. It is also embarrassing to reach out to them as I’m sure they have their own problems to settle. With these checks I got from my insurance I can now refund the savings I withdrew without the worry of going bankrupt.

You’ll never know talaga.

When I bought my insurance policy, iniisip ko na lang kung hindi ako magkasakit eh ‘di mas okay. Mahirap pag nagkasakit tapos walang insurance, ubos lahat. (If ever I will not get sick, then that’s better. It’s hard getting sick if you do not have insurance, your savings will be depleted.)

Don’t tempt fate so you can really live life to the fullest.

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Lucas on

What insurance did you have with sunlife that covered your bill? Thanks!

Michille Silvia on

How much does it cost to open a plan?

    Mika on

    Hi Michelle, the right plan will depend on several factors such as your age, goals, needs, and health. We recommend consulting a financial advisor first so you can determine what kind of plan best suits you. We can refer you for free consultation, just email us your location and contact details via editor@brighterlife.com.ph. Thank you.

amy v. casuyon on

i want to know more about sun life,help me how?

    Mika on

    Hi Amy, of course! A financial advisor can best guide you on Sun Life’s products and services. Kindly email us your location and contact details so we can refer you for free consultaion via editor@brighterlife.com.ph.

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