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When Your Mother is Your First Financial Advisor

By Abigail Viaje, Brighterlife.com.ph

Every month of May, we honour the woman who always makes our lives brighter. We may call her different names such as “mommy”, “nanay”, “mama” but she will always be the one who brought us into the world.

Through the years, a mother’s roles has evolved from taking care of our everyday needs at home to seeing them flourish in the workforce. But there’s another role that many of us might have missed: our mother being our first financial advisor.

Let me share with you some of the financial lessons that my mother (and perhaps yours too) have imparted through the years:

  1. “Hindi nabubuo ang piso kung walang bente singko sentimo.”

This saying may sound a bit cliché but it taught me to value every cent and not take any amount for granted. It meant that the worth of a whole is just as worthy as its parts.

  1. “Buy first the things you need not those that you want.”

This lesson, if instilled at a young age, can make a person content for the rest of his life. Indulge only when able and remember that necessities should come first.

  1. “Budget, budget, budget.”

Learn the art of setting aside money for things you really need to pay (such as monthly bills) and stick to the payment schedule. This way you will be able to avoid unnecessary penalties and you will always have the money as needed.

  1. “Set your life goals and work towards it.”

If one wants to buy a house and lot by age 35 then one may start saving for it by 25. This deadline may be longer or shorter for some but the most important thing is you focus on the goal and start to act on it.

  1. “Set aside funds for emergencies.”

Life has its setbacks and the bad news is you don’t know when it will happen. Saving for the rainy days will always come in handy.

  1. “Edukasyon lang ang tanging pamana ng magulang sa anak na ‘di mananakaw ng sinuman.”

My mother taught me that knowledge is the only possession you can use to become productive for the rest of your life. So invest in learning now and reap the fruits in the future. Passing the knowledge to someone else even multiplies the value as you enrich one’s life. That’s even more treasure you can get hold of.

  1. “Be generous and blessings will come back to you more than you would expect.”

More than the material things, giving back shows the love and happiness you share to others.  And somehow, generosity and kindness always come back to a hundred fold.

  1. “Health is wealth”

No amount of money can buy back the health you were given, so always take care of it and be mindful of what you do to your body.


These lessons may not be one of a kind but living by it and being guided by that one person speaks a lot of difference.

To all the mothers, the true ambassadors of a brighter life and our first financial gurus: thank you for all the love and guidance! Happy Mothers’ Day!


Image used under Creative Commons from Eduardo Merille

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