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The Journey to Investing

By The Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph

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Ms. Practical Thinker and Ms. Extensive Spender have been best friends since childhood. As best friends, they shared a love for travelling. The two even made a bucket list of the places they wanted to visit. London was at the top of their list.

After graduating from college, the two began earning their own money. They would travel every two years, crossing out an item in their bucket list.

When they reached 30, Ms. Practical Thinker realized that not much was happening to her earnings. She decided to start investing Php 20,000.00 annually for the next ten years. Meanwhile, Ms. Extensive Spender simply kept her money in the bank.

Soon, the consequences of their different approaches to growing their money became evident.  On a trip to Thailand, Ms. Extensive Spender had to borrow money from her sister while Ms. Practical Thinker used the gains from her investments to fund her trip. Embarrassed by what happened, Ms. Extensive Spender realized that she could no longer depend solely on her salary to cover all of her expenses.

And so Ms. Extensive Spender finally started investing. She decided to invest Php 50,000.00 annually and continued to do so for the next ten years. Meanwhile, Ms. Practical Thinker made her last annual payment.

With both ladies now practicing the habit of saving and investing for the future, they are more than ready to make their dreams come true. After a decade of investing, Ms. Extensive Spender finally went to London with Ms. Practical Thinker. But they were not at the same place financially. Ms. Practical Thinker was able to complete their bucket list with ease. In fact, Ms. Extensive Spender ended up investing more and receiving a lower return compared to Ms. Practical Thinker. How is this so?

BL_The Journey to Investing_v2

Assuming we take Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) since inception of 11.57% of the Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Balanced Fund*, how much will each of their investment be? Let’s take a good look at the figures below.

BL_Practical Thinker

BL_Extensive Spender


*Returns are not guaranteed. Past performances do not reflect future returns.
For more information on Sun Life of Canada Prosperity Funds, visit sunlifefunds.com


Interested to start investing for a brighter future today? A financial advisor can help you. Email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph.

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joy angelic on

Gud pm. I am interested in investing but i dont know how to start. Please advise. Thanks.

    Mika on

    Hi Joy! Glad to know you’re interested. We can have a financial advisor help you get started. Kindly email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph so we can refer you for free consultation. Thank you and have a bright day! 🙂

Jennet on

how to invest money? at what value should I start investing?

Jennet on

What is the lowest amount of investment that a 16 yr old like me can Invest? Is it valid if minors are to invest here?

    Hermogenes Escala on

    Hi Jennet, i think minors are not allowed yet for this kind of investment, like for example stock market, brokers require TIN and must be of legal age. The best way you can do is ask your parents to open an account for you or let them know on your interest regarding investing so they can guide you.

Regine on

Hi according to the chart nag stop sila.mag hulog after 10 years is that possible n kahit hindi na maghulog after 10 years mag grogrow parin ang investment ?

    Mika on

    Hi Regine! Yes, that is possible since mutual funds enables you to invest in various equities, bonds and stocks. The growth of your investment will depend on the performance of your chosen type of fund. For example, when you buy a share at Php 1.00 in a Balanced Fund, the next day, the value of that share becomes Php 1.50, and you decide to withdraw it, you do gain the 50%. However, to fully maximize the potential of your investments, we do recommend investing for the long term and regularly. Hope this helps. 🙂

      Lawrence Lontok on

      Papano ako na nasa abroad posible ba?papano?kung bibili ako ng share, papano ko mababantayan?

      Mika on

      We have an online facility where you can check the status of your investments. Please send us an email via editor@brighterlife.com.ph

ajcha on

ganito din ba kapag VUL?

Juliet LLona on

Hi my name is Juliet I want to invest but the problem I’m here in London,how can I invest while I’m here…..

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