Moving Up

Are you Moving Up?

By The Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph

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Gone are the days of YOLO just for the heck of it. It’s the shedding of old habits to pave the way for life-changing events — getting married, cradling your newborn child, nurturing a home. With  your own dependents comes the time to diversify your finances beyond the usual ATM and savings account. Because now you are living not just for your own pleasure and dreams for you are building a future for those who are counting the most on you.

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Editor’s note: This is a four-part series of posts on the life stages for financial planning. The first life stage can be found here.

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Ervilito m. Maderazo on

There is no subsitute for early preparation and right decision#brighterlifeph

Homero R. Olegario Jr. on

Am interested in life insurance at the same time investment.

    Mika on

    Hi Homero! Thank you for your interest. You might want to look into VULs since it’s a life insurance with an investment component. Should you be interested to meet a financial advisor, you may send us your location, age and contact details at editor@brighterlife.com.ph to help you get started. Consultation is free and purchase is not required if not ready. Have a bright day!

      Connie on

      Hi my husband policy is sun life phils peso balanced fund. When we saw this ad brighter life MOVING UP.. This is our stage now.. Are we on the right investment? His policy alone is 4 years ongoing. We wanted to cover the moving up stage.

      Mika on

      Hi Connie! Choosing the best fund for you will not only depend on your life stage. Risk tolerance and time horizon should also be considered. You might want to revisit your risk profile and goals with your financial advisor to align with your investments. Hope this helps. Thank you!

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