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In memory of my P10,000 (and what it could’ve been)

By Lennie Oliver, Brighterlife.com.ph

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To have P10,000 in my bank account – that was my most fervent wish when I graduated from college many years ago and was about to venture into the world of professionals. P10,000 pesos seemed like such a huge amount to me then, and also, pretty much out of reach. But oh! The things I can buy with such a huge amount!

When I finally fulfilled that goal, boy did I feel rich! However, it wasn’t a feeling that lasted very long, because it didn’t take me long to spend every centavo. Some of it were spent on paying bills, but most went to shopping. What can I say? I was young and carefree and wasn’t too cautious about saving for the future.

Also, all I knew about financial products then were bank accounts and had no idea about how I could’ve actually grown my P10,000 into something more by way of investing in mutual funds.

Now that I’m older and have my own family, I cannot be as happy-go-lucky with my money. And this is why I am now doing all I can to understand what mutual funds are all about, and planning how and when to get invested.

To be honest, it was only last year when I started working for Sun Life that I learned about it. Basically, a mutual fund is an investment company that pools together money from clients and puts them in diverse investments. The client earns when the value of the mutual fund he is invested in increases.

I can choose the fund I want depending on my goals and whether I’m conservative, risky, or somewhere in between. I’ll be seeking the help of a financial advisor on this one, so he/she can help explain it to me in detail and determine which funds are a perfect match.

The good thing about it is that I won’t even need as much as P10,000 to get things rolling. For a minimum amount of only P5,000, I can already open an investment account with a mutual fund company like SLAMCI, and this amount will be placed in different financial vehicles to minimize risk.

It may take me a while to get the hang of this, but they say that once I do, then I’ll be more confident about handling my own investments. In this case, I can take advantage of mutual funds’ flexibility, which allows me to change where my funds are placed up to four times in a year at no extra cost.

That instruments like SLAMCI’s Prosperity Funds are handled by top notch investment professionals who ensure that the funds produce the best returns, and that Sun Life is known for its global expertise further convinces me to take the step.

And I’m actually pretty excited about it. Contemplating about this now, I can’t help but look back at all the P10,000 I’ve earned over the years and imagine just how much that would’ve grown by now if only I knew about investing early on.

But, as they say, if you haven’t started yet, then the best time to start is now. Wish me luck!

Want to start investing for your future today? Email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph.

Kharla Alto on

Hi, I am very interested about investment. Kaya lng po and2 aq sa middle East..kunti plang po knowledge q sa mutual fund. Paano po ba aq mgssimula?thank you.

    Mika on

    Hi Kharla,

    The first step is talking to a financial advisor. You can learn more about Sun Life’s mutual funds at sunlifefunds.com. Should you be interested to meet an advisor, you may email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph. Have a bright day!


      hi myka,,
      am interested for this mutual fund,,kindly give us information how to do this ?

Jeanette on

Is there a fee that i need to pay if i want to meet an advisor from sunlife? Im still confused which top mutual fund companies i should invest in but i am more convinced now with the sun life progress. I am also an ofw and very much interested in starting my investment on August this year.

    Mika on

    Hi Jeanette, consultation with a Sun Life advisor is free. Should you want us to assign you to one, you may email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph. Thank you 🙂

John Rey on

This is true on my first 5 yrs at work. Now, thanks to my officemate, I learned the value of investing and savings for your future. I’m planning to retire early so I could enjoy life. 🙂

arlene balba on

I have started investing last nov 2013 at 5k….and to my surprise, there’s no growth in my money for almost 5months now..some would suggest that I should have invested more or maybe at least add on a few thousand just to make it earn…im a typical “segurista” , I give it time to check the flow..being a businesswoman, I think????????
I even have plans of withdrawing my money….please educate me….

    Mika on

    Hi Arlene,

    First of all, thank you for choosing to invest in Sun Life mutual funds. Like any investment instrument, mutual funds are best held long-term especially for mutual funds that have investment objectives of capital growth such as equity funds. Ideally, gains are realized in at least three years of investing. You may look into our Fund Fact sheet which shows the fund’s historical performance for the past years, here’s the link: http://bit.ly/1pmk2E8 . For more info, you may email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph or consult your financial advisor. Thank you and have a bright day! 🙂

    jona on

    hi arlene! it’s nice to hear that you are being “segurista” as regards your investments. taking the time to check is indeed essential in making your investment work for you. however, it should not stop there. it is best to further educate ourselves on how to maximize our investments. aside from leaving our hard earned money into the hands of professional fund managers, we may also work on moving from a buy and hold strategy to cost averaging.

    the first rule of investing according to warren buffet is to never lose money. as such, i do not advice you to sell at a loss. what you may want to consider is to top up on your investment on days when the market is red and navps are consequently down. when your additional shares are bought at a lower price, your average cost for purchasing your investment goes down. it is when you are able to buy at the lowest price that you will be able to feel the significant return on your money when the market gets an upturn. 🙂


im 8interested to join mutual fund ,kindly give some notes on how to proceed …thanks and more power ….

    Mika on

    Hi Antonio! Happy to know you’re interested. 🙂 Aside from the P5,000 initial investment, the documentary requirements are gov’t IDs and a duly-filled out Investor Profile Questionnaire, you can submit this at the nearest Sun Life Customer Center near you. We can also find an advisor near you who can happily guide you on the process of investing in mutual funds. Kindly shoot us an email at editor@brighterlife.com.ph. Have a bright day! 🙂

Grace on

Pano po ba ang mutual fund. Ive been hearing about but i dont know how it works ….

    Mika on

    Hi Grace! As explained by the writer, mutual Fund is an investment company that pools together money from different investors and invests them in various funds depending on the investment objective of the fund. Here’s a helpful guide on how mutual funds work: http://bit.ly/18WL5em. There are several types of funds you can choose to invest in. To determine which one is the best for you, a financial advisor can best help you explain the details. Whenever you’re ready, we can assign an advisor to help you get started. Just shoot us an email at editor@brighterlife.com.ph. Thank you and have a bright day 🙂

rina on

How will i invest with my P5,000?

    Mika on

    Hi Rina, a financial advisor can help you start to invest. You may email us at editor@brighterlife.com.ph so we can assign one for you. 🙂

al on

hi, adding subsequent to 5k during investment is 1k can it be every month or just when i have money?

    Mika on

    Hi Al, you can add subsequent investments any time you want. But of course, we do encourage to invest regularly so you can fully enjoy your money grow. 🙂

Roche Leonor on

Shouldn’t you build your emergency fund first before investing?

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