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What to do with Christmas leftovers

By Lennie Oliver, Brighterlife.com.ph

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BL_thumbwhiperChristmas greetings have been said and presents have been opened, but your fridge still has that Christmas vibe because of the many leftovers from your Noche Buena feast. You spent a considerable amount for all these goodies, so you better make sure that none of it will go to waste.
If you over-estimated for your Christmas dinner, here are some suggestions on what to do with the leftovers.

1. “REMIX” THE DISH. There are plenty of ways to “remix” Christmas favorites – Google your way to a variety of recipe suggestions available online. Queso de bola can be turned into crisps or a dip; added to sandwiches and salads; or added to other dishes for extra flavor. Christmas ham can be added on to fried rice and pasta. Lechon can be made into lechon paksiw or sinigang na lechon. Fruits can be turned into salads or shakes. The possibilities are aplenty!

2. SHARE IT WITH OTHERS. Christmas, after all, is the season of giving. Put this into practice by sharing some of your leftovers with your family, friends, and neighbors. As they might have had the same items on their Christmas menu as yours, you may want to try “remixing” your offerings first (see number 1) so it won’t duplicate what’s already in their fridge.

3. ORGANIZE A POST-CHRISTMAS PARTY. You already have the food anyway, so why not throw another party? It doesn’t have to be anything grand – just a simple get-together with friends or relatives. The holidays are usually a very busy time for all of us, and so holding a small gathering will provide a great opportunity to properly catch up.

Needless to say, you need to ensure that the food is packed and stored properly after it has been served on the night of Noche Buena to guarantee that it will still be safe for consumption days later.

Got smart ideas on what to do with your leftovers? Share your ideas with us!

Photo used under Creative Commons from whiper

Chelsea Hobbs on

Sharing with others is priceless! There are so many people who can’t have your Christmas dinner.

Happy Holidays, everyone! Be good 🙂

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