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Christmas Party Alternatives on a Budget

By Reyna Tabbada, Brighterlife.com.ph

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BL_altxmasBy now you might be planning for your Christmas parties. Whether you’re in a tight budget or just simply want to have a simple yet fun Christmas party this year,  consider these low-key activities that may help you celebrate the holiday season joyously with family, friends and co-workers:

1. Game Night

Before smartphone apps became the go-to gaming console, there are offline materials such as board and organized games for fun and entertainment. Organize a game night – the more retro, the better – and rouse the competitive spirit in the name of play.

2. Rockeoke!

Ditch the clunky videoke.  Hire a show band – better yet, get colleagues who can string notes – then let everyone (yes, including the boss) experience singing with a live group. Think of themes to make the sets more appealing like generic 90s to specific punk break-up songs.

3. Camping Trip

This may require some tricky planning, especially for big groups, but the rewards can be immense. Pitch tents by the beach or scour a camping ground a few miles out of the metro. They say travel is one of the best ways to know someone, including the quiet one a few cubicles away.

4. BYOW Dinner

A Bring Your Own Wine (BYOW) dinner fosters togetherness and a familial spirit. Make it more personal by bringing home-cooked meals. Set a long table and seat people beside someone they don’t usually interact with. Let the food, wine, and conversation flow.

5. Outreach Adventure

Fancy a vacation with a cause? Visit a far-flung community and come bearing gifts for its residents. Live with the locals, learn about their culture, and bond with the team. Discover its natural contours and find adventure in every turn – now, doesn’t it beat the usual party circuit?


Image used under Creative Commons from TenSafeFrogs

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