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Piolo Pascual: On The Money

By The Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph

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BL_pioloWhen On The Job star and Brighter Life ambassador Piolo Pascual looks back on his journey – from his rise as an actor to finding success as a producer – he marvels at how things unfolded in its own perfect time. But his greatest success is being able to provide for his loved ones, especially for his son, by having a solid financial plan. Here, the leading man on the crossroads of his career revealed his thoughts about preparing for the future and living the brighter life.

“Money is a means to achieve your dreams, to give back, even to serve the Lord. It is what we do with it that matters. As an actor, I thrive in an environment where extravagance is expected, even when misplaced. So I’m really grateful that my Mom taught me the value of money, and it has stayed with me even after entering show business. I’m also thankful for my sister, Chiqui, who works with Sun Life Financial and serves as my financial advisor. They say that we are all called to be disciples, to make this world a better place. I’d like to believe that through my partnership with Sun Life, I can help educate more Filipinos about the importance of looking beyond present comforts to see the bigger picture. Our financial priorities are not all there is to us, but it’s a powerful expression of what we consider important.”

Piolo’s Bright Spending Habits

Stars crash and burn, but Piolo believes that his career must not outshine his goals and responsibilities. In a world where popularity does not always translate to stability, the Brighter Life advocate shares some of his financial beliefs:

1. Never give up on your dreams.

Piolo fondly remembers how he and his Ate Chiqui used to line up for auditions until he got his big breaks. And he hasn’t looked back since. His struggle to be an actor put his financial expectations in perspective, a trait that he carried even after being successful.

2. Know your priorities.

Early on, Piolo knew that his family and son would always come first, especially with regards to his finances. Today, he can confidently say that Inigo’s future is safe and secure, thanks to his foresight.

3. Evaluate your options.

There are urban legends of high-paid actors with millions in their ATM accounts. But Piolo knows very well that investing in other financial instruments would allow him to diversify his resources and make his money work harder.

4. Seek help.

For Piolo, discipline and motivation are helpful but not enough. With the help of his financial advisor, he crafted a financial roadmap that fits his need and lifestyle. You can also benefit from the expertise of trained financial advisors. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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