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How to save up on kids’ Halloween costumes

By Lennie Oliver, Brighterlife.com.ph

BL_costumeHalloween has become quite a highly anticipated event in the country. In the case of parents, it’s usually all about dressing up their kids in a fun costume when they go trick-or-treating for candies and chocolates. Not too keen on spending so much for a costume? There are four resources you can tap to find your kid a Halloween outfit that’s not too pricey.

1.          YOUR CLOSET

The costume that your kid can wear could be sitting right in your own closet. For boys, a black turtleneck shirt can be worn with jeans and specs and he can be the dearly beloved Apple visionary Steve Jobs. A denim jumper can be paired with either a red or green shirt to make like Super Mario or his brother Luigi – just don’t forget to draw the popular mustache!

Meanwhile, for girls, recycle a gown that she earlier wore as a flower girl in a wedding, have her wear it with wings and DIY wand, and voila! You’ve got a fairy. You can also put her in a simple dress, jazz up her hair with a ton of braided yellow yarn, and she can be Rapunzel.


You may have relatives or friends who are also not keen on spending outrageously for Halloween. Organize a swap party where you all can bring your children’s old Halloween outfits and exchange costumes. After all, most costumes are only worn once; and a little alteration can help adjust the fit in case the kids are not of the same size.

3.         YOUR SKILLS

Put your own imagination and artistic skills to use by getting crafty for your kiddies. Old boxes can come in very handy: paint them silver, draw some figures and you’ve got a robot outfit; or attach cylindrical shapes in two rows, color the whole things a solid red or blue, and your child can be a Lego block.

Whatever you come up with, make sure to cut a comfortable opening for his arms, legs, and neck. 


Costumes at the toy store can be quite pricey, but (as we happily found out last Halloween) those are usually marked down towards the end of the month as Halloween draws nearer. Caveat: the available sizes may vary, especially if you’ve been eyeing a specific costume. The options may be limited but if you can get a nice one at 20% off, then taking the risk and shopping late may be worth it.

Got some nifty costume ideas too? Share with us in the comments section! We’d love to hear from you.

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