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5 Personal Finance Blogs to Start Reading

By The Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph


The journey towards a brighter financial life takes work, careful planning, and education.

Here at brighterlife.com.ph, we aim to provide you with an accessible portal of information that will not just guide you towards responsible money management, but will also inspire you to move towards the life you desire for yourself.
And so the Brighter Life team pooled together some personal finance blogs that offer worthwhile reads. We’re fans of these blogs, and we trust you will be too. Happy reading!

1. Ready to Be Rich by Fitz Villafuerte. Fitz Villafuerte’s dream about having more time for himself and the things he loves seemed pretty impossible when he was still a “corporate slave,” and this pushed him to pursue the idea of earning a passive income. Now a man of many hats (a businessman, an investor, and a freelance writer among others), Fitz proves that achieving financial freedom is truly possible.

Why we like this blog: Fitz’s blog is easy to read and easy to understand – an encouraging factor for those who think financial talk can be quite complicated.

2. No Nonsense Personal Finance by Randell Tiongson. A registered Financial Planner by profession and a regular contributor to the biggest broadsheets in the country, Randell Tiongson covers a wide array of personal finance topics such as mutual funds, stock market, and life insurance in his blog.

Why we like this blog: Randell’s wisdom – gained from 25 years of experience in the industry – shines through in the entire blog. It is no surprise that his site is actually used by many Filipino companies as a reference for research.

3. Stocks Smart by Marvin Germo. Registered Financial Planner Marvin Germo dedicates his time to educating Filipino urban professionals about the stock market and passionately advocates investing in one’s self and in the country. The former engineer has readers hooked with his sound pieces of advice and dependable insight.

Why we like this blog: Marvin makes the stock market sound like an understandable subject. We also love how he strongly supports the idea of investing in the country.

4. Frugal Honey by Jill Sabitsana. Lawyer Jill Sabitsana has been blogging about beauty and motherhood for seven years now but she recently pursued the subject of personal finance. In Frugal Honey, she chronicles her day-to-day money concerns, such as saving for an emergency fund and their family’s daily expenses.

Why we like this blog: Jill’s writing is very candid and personal – a breath of fresh air from other personal finance blogs that tend to be quite preachy. Her blog is all about taking baby steps to managing her personal finances and that’s something that many of us can definitely relate to.

5. Call Me Kristine by Kristine Licuanan. Kristine Licuanan’s blog offers a mix of female interest topics – such as trips to the spa and travel adventures – and informative posts on the nitty gritty of opening stock accounts and mutual funds. An invigorating daily read, it’s no surprise that visiting her blog has become a habit for many readers.

Why we like this blog: Her whimsical writing is definitely Brighter Life-approved. Posts that make people happy – and shares useful knowledge while at it – are just what the internet needs.



jillsabs on

Oh wow! Such a thrill to be a part of this list, and to be lumped with the people I admire!

Thanks so much Brighter Life team! You made my day 🙂

jillsabs on

Oh wow! It’s such a thrill to be a part of this list AND to be lumped with people I admire to boot!

Thanks Brighter Life Team, you really made my day 🙂

Liean on

another set of business blogs that i must read..thanks for this 🙂

James | Money and Opportunity on

I am following 3 of the blogs you mentioned above. I particularly enjoy reading Fitz Ready to be Rich blog. After reading your reviews I will definitely check out Stocks Smart and Frugal Honey. Thanks for the sharing these links.

zweetmacala on

I’m already following the readytoberich.com and through this post I’m introduced to 4 more. I’m pretty excited to check those asap!

Hey! Big thanks for sharing this…

Lornajane Altura on

These are great blogs to check on 🙂 Although I am familiar with Ready to Be Rich, the other four are worth checking out 🙂

Carlos on

Awesome blogs! I read most of them myself.

simplyhazel on

I know 4 of these 5 blogs already and I must say that I really learned a lot from them. I likedFitz Villafuerte’s Ready to Be Rich the most. I also love reading from this blog, http://www.pisoandbeyond.com. Thanks for the great list!!

Jude on

Hi, Guys! ! If you’re interested to save and invest in the Philippine stock market, you can also check Philippine Stock Exchange’s Market Education website: http://www.pseacademy.com.ph
Thank you and God Bless!

Allan Mantaring on

Nice, blog site, starting my own website regarding financial education, seeing my self like one of them, helping every Filipino to be financially literate.

mike on

stock market investing used to be so hard , but now it’s been made easier, so start saving and investing now

Mico Medel on

This is really helpful specially for people who are asking a lot of questions on personal finance, thank you Brighter life team

Marcelo De Ocampo on

I’m learning more and more because of our wise Filipino financial bloggers 🙂 Hope there will be more bright ones to appear.

Christine on

Very helpful list of personal finance blogs. What I love about them is that they are like free money management education to everyone. Thank you for sharing.

twentysomethinglawyer on

I enjoyed Fitzvillafuerte’s blog. Thanks for the helpful list. You may also wanna checkout twentysomethinglawyer.wordpress.com

renan on

Good job this is really helps for everybody to be financially literate.

John on

Incredible Article! I believe that it is hard to discover valuable information on savings when you are simply beginning.

mavenonline on

I’m also a follower of Sir Fritz’s Ready to be Rich website. 🙂 I consider him one of the first ones who taught me (virtually) how to invest. XD Now, I already started a blog of my own, http://www.ithecorporateslave.com, where I share my monthly net worth, my experiences as a corporate slave, and managing life towards financial independence! And as you say, a brighter life. 😉

Carlos Siara on

I am following 2 sites or financial advocates listed above, indeed their contribution in financial literacy to Filipinos is priceless.

Thank you for sharing this, I will check the other financial advocates listed.

From the list, and if I may, I want to share also personalfinanceph.com by Ms. Gen Panerio. The site shares about the importance of Financial Planning and Stock Market 🙂

iraonherdreams on

These blogs indeed had been my model for creating my own blog and for aiming to be financially free myself. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

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