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7 Bright Choices you can make today for a brighter tomorrow

By The Brighter Life Team, Brighterlife.com.ph

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Start your journey to a brighter life today. Here are seven easy steps for a bright and prosperous future.

1.       Set goals


Why you need it: Setting clear goals encourages you to save consciously and with a purpose

2.       Save wisely


Why you need it: Saving first before spending, when done consistently, keeps you on track with achieving your goals

3.       Build an emergency fund


Why you need it: Building an emergency fund equivalent to at least 3 times your monthly expenses helps you survive financially in times of sickness or natural calamities

4.       Get insured


Why you need it: Getting life insurance cushions you against life’s unforeseen risks and secures the future income of your loved ones

5.       Beat inflation


Why you need it: Preserve the purchasing power of your money by exploring other financial instruments where your money earns more than inflation and can even help you achieve your goals faster.

6.       Seek professional help


Why you need it: Getting professional advice ensures that you decide on important money decisions fully aware of your options


 7.       Eyes on the Prize


Why you need it: Thinking long-term and tracking your progress regularly will help you achieve your financial goals.


Rafael Leal Santiago Jr. on

I agree from your post. May I request for a guidelines on how can avail an insurance. Thank you and hoping you’ll grant my request. GOD BLESS

    grace on

    hi Rafael, you would need to talk with an advisor to avail of an insurance. hope that answered your question. God bless!

    Rodel del Mundo on

    Hi! Rafael if ever you may not contacted yet any advisor you may feel free to pm me for any inquiries, I’m a Sunlife financial Advisor.

Pinkle Dare on


Just wanr to know why everytime i click on the “find the best advisor” i always end up opening the facebook page.

Could you please help me.
I wanted to find an advisor!

Thank you! More power!

    Tara on

    Hi Pinkle Dare! This is because we want you to send us via private message or email the following details a) Full name b) Age c) Location d) Email address e) mobile #. Thank you!

    Irene Villalobos Odevilas on

    Hi!Ms.Pinkie,I may not be the Best Advisor but I can help you get one of the best from Sunlife Financials.Pls email or send message to my facebook account.Thanks & God bless.



      Could you please send me some tips

      Grace Cunanan on

      Hi Rollan, tips on what particular topics would you like to know more about?

Cherry Bantugan on

hi! am I going to pay immediately if I talk to an advisor?

    coco deniega on

    no ma’am. inquiring to an advisor is free

Irene Villalobos Odevilas on

Thanks SUNLIFE…You makes my life Brighter under the Sun!

Ma. Cristina Huang on

Hi, I want to know how to maximize my earnings through investments. Thank you.

    Jocel Banabana on

    Hi ms.Cristina,you have to talk with an advisors like us to discuss with your our products and share some financial advise.

halalan2016 on

i would like to have a brighter future, that is why I will be participating on this coming elections in 2016

anna katrina ocampo on

I love your site

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