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5 Ways to Detox your Budget

By Reyna Tabbada, Brighterlife.com.ph

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DetoxEek, it’s Payday Friday! Major roads turned to parking lots! Malls brimming to capacity! And oh no, your ATM is now one big dark empty hole! If this sounds like the story of your life every time your hard-earned sweldo comes in, then perhaps it’s time to detox your spending habits.

Detox is a form of cleansing, usually associated with stopping addictive and destructive behavior. Though being a waldas does not necessarily equate to a jail sentence, its effect may jeopardize your future with debt and unnecessary expenses. Here are five simple detox steps anyone can take to reboot their budget:

1. Schedule your indulgences.
How you handle money should be boring, not full of dramatic twists and turns. But for the moments when you have to go on a splurge, be sure to schedule it at the most opportune time. Don’t be a pauper when you blow over.

2. Automate your savings.
Hook your company ATM to a personal account, where every payday a pre-determined amount will be transferred to the latter. You won’t even feel the “loss” because the money doesn’t even make landfall on your wallet!

3. Predict your spending.
Every month, we all got financial obligations: rent, bills, even that dinner and movie for the whole family. Your budget is actually a cycle of the big and small stuff, and you can forecast it better than the weather. April and May are always tuition fee months, and your Christmas gifts budget should be planned months earlier than the actual holiday. 

4. Allocate your expenses. 
Sure, the bigger picture is critical, but it’s the pieces that seal the deal. Distributing your money is an art, balancing the immediate to the anticipated, the present to the future. And where you put it is as important as how you dispense it.

5. Make an investment.
This refers to that dream purchase you’ve always put on your bucket list, from putting a downpayment for a condo or getting that insurance policy. These investments are usually commitments. It puts you in for the long haul but contributes immensely to your sense of confidence and security.

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