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Inexpensive ways to a healthy you

By Mika Amador, Brighterlife.com.ph

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Thinking of shaping up but can’t afford to pay for gym memberships and fitness classes? Being fit and healthy minus digging a hole into your pocket is possible.  After all, sitting is the new smoking, according to a Medical Daily study conducted by Travis Saunders, Ph. D of Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. What’s wrong with sitting and in general, a sedentary life?

Our bodies were never designed to accommodate a position that diminishes the blood flow to our legs and feet and contorts our spine. A much more natural position is squatting, which many prehistoric humans practiced until societies began industrializing and we lost the necessity to squat, both in the workplace and even the restroom. (One exception is China, where many people still squat, as it naturally aligns the spine and intestinal tract.)

Check out some inexpensive ways to help you get on track to a healthy and active lifestyle:

  1. Run.  It’s very simple and easy. You don’t need a membership to run. All you need is a nice pair of running shoes, comfy clothes and you’re ready to go. You can run in your neighborhood, outside your office, or in a park. You can do it any time of day you prefer.
  2.  Sign up for volunteer work. Consider volunteering for your community’s developmental efforts such as helping build a house, teaching at the Sunday school, or charity work. Not only will you get those muscles working but also contribute to your community’s development.
  3.  Play sports. Getting fit doesn’t have to be just hard work, it can also be fun. Go for a game of basketball or badminton in your neighborhood clubhouse with friends. Join your community’s sports club and tournaments.
  4.  Change your routine. A little tweak to your everyday routine can also do wonders to your health. How about taking the stairs instead of the elevator? One thing I do is instead of taking public transportation to a place within my subdivision, I just take a walk if it’s not that far.
  5.  Search online. You can almost always find what you’re looking for on the Internet. Search for work-out videos on free streaming sites and do them at home. Scout for free activity sessions in public parks around the metro. You’ll be surprised that such things are for free.

Got some health tips too? Share with us in the comments section.

jillsabs on

Ditch the elevator and take the stairs to your office.

juiceman on

walking even for 30 mins is good enough, i walk in the mall atleast every other day . i trimmed down noticeably

Henry Neo on

It’s going to be end of mine day, except before ending I am reading this
impressive article to improve my know-how.

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