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Sun Life is committed to help Filipinos make the bright choices for a brighter future. Welcome to the age of selfies and overindulgence. Headlining the Brighter Life are two TV Commercials that reflect today’s prevalent attitudes.

A mom reins her penchant to spoil her only daughter with too much toys in exchange for a more meaningful investment for her child’s future in “Toys” TVC.

In “Upgrade” TVC, a young woman makes the bright choice of taming down her expensive lifestyle for a more fabulous future.

Catch them starting today on your fave channels.

Sarah on

How to earn a brighter future? Please help. Thank you

Sarah on

How to earn a brighter life?

    Joanna on

    Have you tried talking to a Financial Advisor? We can give you free services, especially when it comes to managing expenses and providing diversified baskets to help you earn more.

luo on

how will i start investing here?

Macky on

how can i join and make my money grows in the future?? thankyou

Filipina Mendoza on

@51 and a government employee, how can i have bright retirement if i start investing now pls. help me. Im from Batangas

    aris deniega on

    as long as you have that strong desire and determination, we can fire it up…we can keep in touch in fb…

Michelle Ruth Baniqued on

how will i start to have a brighter life?

    Jocel Banabana on

    Hi Ms.Michelle,

    By determining your present situation and future goal together we can create financial.Thats how we help our clients as a Sun Life advisor.

    Thank you

Jannette de Guzman on

Hi, do you have endowment plans?

Astom cherry amor on

hi, I would like to inquire about an educational plan,
what are the process & how much
thank you


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